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Male Anatomy Reference Post


For Anonymous, who requested more Male Anatomy related things.

There are quite a few male related anatomy items in the Art Resource but the search function is a bit persnickity at the moment. I will try and update this post as I get more references. If you’ve got any that I don’t have here, go ahead and put them in my Ask and I’ll update this post.

Kakimari’s Anatomy Dump - This one seems to be for the most part geared towards male anatomy. Everything you could think, legs, arms, feet, hands, necks, shoulders. A nice thorough study that’s really helpful! 

Anatomy Study based on Steve Hampton - Some demonstrations on how to stylize anatomy, lots of masculine examples.

Manly Butts - Can’t explain it better then that. Butts.  

Manly Legs - Lots of studies of different leg positions. 

Hands and Feet - Can quite easily be unisex. 

Hands - Another hand reference which could be helpful. 

Loomis - Andrew Loomis, basically the patron saint of Anatomy. All his books are here, including extensive male, and female anatomy. 

How to Draw Beef - Everything it promises to be~ Aka: fantastic. Great references for muscles, different body types, ect. 

Dicks -  How could I almost forget all these cocks.

Feet - Feeeeet. 

Neck and Shoulders - As it says, some nice neck and shoulder references. 

Different Male Bodies - Good resource for a few different types of bodies that are still pretty aesthetically pleasing. 

Scandinavian tales and creatures

Skeppsrån (watchers of ships) are beautiful but elusive women who guard ships sailing across the ocean, protecting them from raging storms and the giant beasts that lurk down in the deepest waters. Some believe skeppsrån were originally skogsrån; their spirits trapped within the wood planks of the ship and forced to leave their precious forests to roam the seas instead.
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